Guranteed seats

Your Heli Skiing and Snowcat Skiing Seat Guarantee: With VHC's all-inclusive packages you have first priority on our helicopters and snowcats each day of your stay

Guaranteed Seats Heli Skiing and Snowcat Skiing in Valdez Alaska only with Valdez Heli Camps. When the great conditions arrive you are guaranteed a seat and will not be jockeying for position with other clients, as happens with Helicopter Skiing operations that sell non-specific or floating days or runs or the worst, flight time by the seat hour. (Imagine having blue sky and powder only to find out that 2 groups from the previous week have decided to stay for the good conditions during your week.)

A star taking off to go get another heli skiing group

With VHC you always have a first class Heli Skiing ticket with your name on it! This alone should be enough to set any heliski operator to the top of your list but for Valdez Heli-Camps we do even more for our valued Heli Ski Guests and Clients.  

Not only do you have a guaranteed priority seat in the helicopter everyday of your stay, you also have a guaranteed priority seat in a snowcat every day of your stay just in case of a weather day or change in the weather during your day that may delay the heli skiing!  It is really the value of two trips in one for our very special Valdez Heli-Camps' Guests and Clients!

At Valdez Heli-Camps, "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing" - A. Matt White Owner and Founder  

When considering a Heliski Trip to the Last Frontier and the Wild World of Alaska Heli Skiing we want you to have the information you need to make YOUR best decision!

AND, we hope you'll find VHC your best Choice!

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