Explaining the Snowcat Skiing Alternative

With the large amounts of snow that blanket the Chugach Mountains surrounding Valdez each year, it should be expected that there will weather that could potentially prevent heliskiing during your stay

With Valdez Heli-Camps this is not a concern to you reaching the mountains.  On those snowy days you can expect to be skiing from one of our heated and comfortable Pisten Bully snowcats.  Our Snowcat ski terrain ranges in elevation from 500' to 4200' above sea level with the longest single runs producing over 3100 vertical feet of skiing. The terrain also offers some treed areas for good visibility on the stormiest low light days as well.


A normal snowcat ski day will produce 15-20,000 feet of skiing and for heliski package clients utilizing their guaranteed seat in the snowcats on these days we debit the vertical account just 9,000 feet for this service to you. * It is important to remember that with the snowcat alternative at any time should the weather change, we will immediately vault to the helicopters to continue the ski day heli skiing!  No helicopter ski service known to us can provide such an option to all of its guests each day of their stay and is all part of our inclusive service to you!


While researching your heliskiing package options around the World remember that:


  • Only Valdez Heli-Camps can offer this combination of incredible terrain and daily access by helicopters or snowcats.    
  • Our Snowcats are at your disposal and require no additional commitment or cost to you to have this alternative for skiing or riding on days when other heliski operators are "stopped in their tracks."
  • The fastest reaction time to improving flying weather takes you to the helicopters at the first available opportunity right from your snowcat in just minutes.
  • No ferry costs or premiums if we must travel further from our base to the best snow and terrain while you are with us.
  • Vertical guarantees mean you pay for the skiing your group achieves not what you fly,
  • Find this nowhere but with Valdez Heli-Camps in Alaska!