No time spent waiting for the heli

There's nothing worse than waiting in line for a ride at Disneyland - except waiting in line to go Heli Skiing in Alaska!

Here at VHC we only book the number of people we can fly heli skiing at any given moment, and we don't let people's reservations back up because of delays due to weather. You are always skiing; flying or riding in a snowcat, not waiting in line and competing with other guests' reservations.

Unlike some other operators, we do not sell non-specific or floating days that could bump you out of a seat. (Imagine waking up to blue skies and fresh powder only to get bumped by two Heli Skiing groups from the previous week who've decided to stay for the good conditions of your week!) If you've booked a Heli Skiing package with us, you have a guaranteed seat in your helicopter every day of your stay and a guaranteed snowcat seat for that same day "just in case", no matter what.


A heli arrives to get our group before we've finished the run!

Learn more about the Heli Ski Waiting you won’t find at VHC and Your Best Heli Ski Value.

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