More heli-skiing for your buck

It's simple. We charge you per vertical foot that you ski. You pay for what you ski not what you fly.

We only put the maximum number of people we can fly in our facility at a time, so you always have a seat in the helicopter, and no matter how much time you spend in the air, you only pay for the vertical you achieve while on your Heli-Skiing. At some other Alaska Heli Skiing operations, you pay for the time you spend in the helicopter. This means that if you fly farther to a "secret stash" you pay more, and ski the same amount or less because you've spent more time flying than skiing. Learn more...

If VHC is only among your choices for Heli-Skiing, and not THE choice, consider:
  • VHC provides Alaska's only all-inclusive helicopter, snowcat and lodging alternative.
  • With VHC's inclusive packages there are no ancillary costs to our guests.
  • All lodging, meals, transportation, guest services, and airport transfers charges are included.
  • Our 3:2 guest to staff ratio dictates personal service to you.
  • You can create your own package mixing helicopters, snowcats, and lodging to meet your budget and desires.
  • With VHC you stay, dine, and socialize with the pilots, guides, and fellow skiers you will meet on your trip in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.
  • Jump in the only hot tub in Valdez and experience true luxury in our unpretentious locale!
  • Our Guides are your hosts on and off the mountain!
  • VHC charges by vertical feet skied not by flight time or the run. With our packages you pay for what you actually ski. "Important and unique in Alaska."  
  • Small capacity dictates no waiting for helicopters.
  • VHC is the only heliski company in Valdez, one of few in the world that runs its own fully insured and guided snowcat skiing operation as part of our all-inclusive service to you!
  • Snowcat skiing is a direct alternative to our heliskiers at no additional charge to the package. Unique in the industry!
  • We are able to move from snowcat skiing to heliskiing within minutes as weather conditions dictate.
  • VHC Includes Snowcat Skiing to get you to the Chugach powder on days the powder is falling too hard to fly!
  • For our Packages Guests, you get a totally all-inclusive experience – virtually everything is included except Beer/Wine/Liquor, Ski or Board Rental,  and Gratuities.
  • If you use up your entire Vertical before end of your package, ride for just $25 per 1000 vertical feet (about $500 a day –less than half of what it costs for a "Daily" Heli Trip)!
  • Valdez’s unique weather patterns allow snow to stick to the sickest verticals you’ve ever set your eyes on!

We take you Heli Skiing in small groups (no more than four). We don’t over book your helicopter. You won’t wait in Heli Ski Lift Lines– you’re riding! This is not true of all Heli Ski Operators Learn More.

At VHC you won’t end up on powdery bunny hills with 10 or 12 of your “new best friends” all taking there first powder skiing lesson with you on your dream heliski trip while whistling the theme from Apocalypse Now to your door gunner!

Unlike some places based on the “cushy” or “luxury” experience, our clients seldom have more money than ability!  They want to share how they’ve ripped that last line, not how their gloves match their hat!

VHC’s prices are, “what you see are what you get”!  There are no Hidden Costs, Surcharges, Value Added Taxes, GST or Sales Taxes involved! Book early for even more savings. Valdez Heli-Camps always honors current rates for future trips.

And if this isn’t enough for you, don’t forget our Punch Cards! – the biggest heli-skiing value for the least amount of money. Specifically Designed for our Clients with More Time and Than Money!!!

You can find out how VHC compares to other Heli Skiing Operations by visiting our Comparative Questions section.

For more helpful answers to common questions visit our FAQs or Contact Us for personal answers to your specific questions today!