Ski even when you can't fly

Cat skiing is the ultimate Alaska storm day guarantee!

Alaska receives more snow than any place in North America What will you do if the powder is falling down and your heli is on the ground.  VHC is "always moving in the direction of skiing" Ski even when helicopters can't fly at no extra charge! 

Put simply, "You Ski Alaska with VHC while other heliskiers wait."Only Valdez Heli-Camps makes this commitment to you and your Alaska Heli Skiing Adventure!  With our all inclusive heli skiing packages with snow cat back-up, this is your Alaska skiing and snowboarding reality!  Of course, if you choose one of our competitors there is always poker in the hotel room???

There is nothing like snowcat skiing fresh Alaska powder while waiting for the helicopters to fly in for you at the first available break in the clouds. Inevitably, there is a day where we have to wait for the sun to break through and Valdez Heli-Camps' all inclusive heliskiing packages guarantee snowcat skiing support at no extra charge.

When the helicopters can't fly, you'll climb aboard our heated, comfortable Pisten Bully snowcats and hit some of the best skiing and snowboarding you will find anywhere. It's just outside our back door. So while guests at other heliskiing outfits are stuck in their hotel rooms waiting out the weather (watching the HBO movie you've seen already), you'll be out there playing in the powder loosened up with your group and your gear and ready to jump in a helicopter at a moments notice! Our snowcat terrain ranges in elevation from 500' to 4200' above sea level with the longest single runs producing over 3100 vertical feet of skiing.

Snowcats provide heli skiing backup for down days on Stone Mountain in Valdez Alaska

Remember, when the weather clears our helicopters will land right next to the snowcats and lift you to heli skiing within minutes. Learn more...

No other operation can promise you this. You are snow cat skiing Alaska and making turns while guests at all the other heliski operations are playing cards in their rooms far from the action.

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