Sleep and dine in comfort

As you step off the plane for your ski trip to Valdez, you can rest assured that there is a warm, inviting lodging atmosphere and meal waiting for you

Our lodging package includes airport transfer, breakfast, lunch and dinner, down day activity coordination, host services, local transportation, and single and double occupancy options.  Relax in the hot tub or pool and stay, dine, and socialize with the pilots, guides, and fellow skiers you meet on your trip in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Think about it... You have just returned to your comfortable room after an epic day of heli skiing that you will later describe to your friends and family as the best day of your life.  Your body surges with an energized exhaustion - the kind that can only be achieved with an exhilarating day of physical activity infused with spiritual enlightenment.

Maybe a message is in order to loosen up your muscles and prepare them for tomorrow - your next big day in the peaks. Feeling completely relaxed and refreshed, you join the rest of your group and your heli guides for some aprés-ski drinks and appetizers to chat about the wonders of the day, swap photos and discuss plans for tomorrow.

Valdez Heli-Camps is the only Heli Skiing operation in the Valdez area that provides All-Inclusive Packages.

Yep, that includes lodging with the most basic comforts- from running water not requiring a bucket and nearby river; and your wireless internet connection back to the grid (if you really need it).

Our helicopter and snowcat guests stay in a comfortable lodge type atmosphere at the Best Western Harbor Inn in Valdez.  Valdez Heli-Camps takes care of all your service needs and owns the restaurant/bar facility attached to the Best Western. All amenities are controlled by VHC as your host in Valdez.  From the moment you arrive all you needs are met.

Our new restaurant facilitiy: The Steep & Deep Bar and Wheelhouse Grill is now open year-round.  Located in the Best Western Hotel within one block of all the popular night life and shops and right on the Valdez Harbor with spectacular views of the harbor and mountains!

In fact we are within two blocks of everything in the town of 4,000+ inhabitants.  We see ourselves as much more than just a guided helicopter taxi service that many have come to equate with Heli Skiing in Alaska.
From the moment you set foot off of the plane, you'll find that our service and accommodations, attitude and atmosphere are nothing less than first class Alaskan hospitality! "Our Clients are our friends and our friends our Clients".

You've just ripped through 22,000 vertical feet.  You've landed at base camp and were whisked back to the lodge in one of our comfortable mini-buses before you've had a chance to catch your breath.  You jump in one of our hot tubs to quell your skied out legs, and then...

Dinner is ready. It's fresh Alaskan halibut that has been basted in a light lemon broth and served with an exotic rice pilaf.  A spinach salad with fresh strawberries compliments the meal. For dessert, it could only be Tiramisu.

Reclining in your chair, laughing with your new friends, you are happy.   Your hunger has been satiated, your body is relaxed, and you are flush with contentment.  It's a truly luxurious ending to the perfect day.

Our inclusive packages include all your meals - an energizing breakfast, made to order bag lunch and all your snacks on the mountain.  Upon return to the lodge, an appetizer will be served to prepare your palate before a hearty Alaskan dinner every night.  We are delighted to offer the freshest seafood from the richest waters in the world many times each week.  Alaskan halibut, salmon, and crab are world-renowned.