Valdez Heli-Camps History

Valdez Heli-Camps was founded in 1995 by Matt White as Alaska's only all inclusive helicopter and snowcat skiing experience.

Matt, grew up skiing the Green Mountains of Vermont while working his parents dairy farm. At age 17, Matt heard the call to the west. Leaving the cows behind in the capable hands of his family, he left for the mountains of Colorado to expand his skiing horizons beyond the Green Mountain State. Matt spent several years working and traveling in the ski industry in the American West and around the World eventually finding himself in Jackson Hole in the late eighties. In select ski bum hovels and in the tram line at the village, talk of a place called "Valdez" slowly simmered in the minds and hearts of many of the people that today are at the core of what was to become the free skiing movement.

Matt white - Valdez Heli Camps Owner and Founder

If the rumors and legends were even half true, Matt knew that it was time to pack the cows up again. He made the conscious decision to leave immediately and move to Alaska that very February. The Al-Can highway, a two wheel drive van, enough warm expedition gear to ensure against death by breakdown at 60 degrees below zero, about 10 pairs of skis and the rest is history.
Matt arrived in Valdez just in time to witness the burgeoning days of a fledgling heli skiing industry in the most prime location on the planet. He quickly realized that everything he had heard in back alleys and tram lines was at the very least, an understatement.

Matt also quickly realized that although Valdez was gaining a reputation for big steeps, incredible snowfall, and out of this world powder skiing, it was still being sold short on the fact that the terrain of the Chugach is accessible to more than just professional athletes and adrenaline junkies as was now being touted on the covers of the most prestigious ski and snowboard magazines. He was 25 years old, had found his calling, and went to work.

Matt is driven and since its beginnings, Valdez Heli-Camps has gained a steady flow of loyal return customers and a sterling reputation for service, quality, and safety. By focusing on all inclusive service under the simple premise of skiing whenever and however safely possible through integration of helicopter and snowcat access, always moving in the direction of skiing as a mantra, Valdez Heli-Camps has become the benchmark by which backcountry skiing operations in the Last Frontier are measured.

The success of this philosophy has created in Valdez Heli-Camps Alaska's most consistent and highest quality heli skiing provider, offering more to our clients and more of the most exciting, skiing and snowboarding over the longest season in Alaska.

Valdez Heli-Camps routinely guides skiers and boarders through one of the best mountain experiences of their lives. Complete dedication to serving our guests, a small capacity, a high staff to client ratio, and attention to every detail of your vacation from start to finish has allowed us to become most successful with our dreams and endeavors here in Valdez. We look forward to you becoming part of the Valdez Heli-Camps Family too!