What should I bring with me?

Preparing for your heli skiing trip to Valdez isn't much different than any other extended ski or snowboard vacation

In addition to your standard equipment and clothing, here are a few prerequisites (of course, see What's Included? to get an idea on how to round out your packing list):

MOST IMORTANT: Bring Your Boots! Most of you are well seasoned travelers with your ski gear, but carefully read this! There is no ski shop in Valdez, and we do not stock ski or snowboard boots (If you've rented skis with us, we do have poles that are included with your rental). If the airline loses your luggage along the way, we can provide assistance to help you replace everything but the boots! Thus we HIGHLY recommend that you carry your boots on the plane with you.

Camera/Video Camera: Don't forget to bring extra media (CD/DVD/memory sticks to help facilitate trading). See "Will you Arrange for Photos of My Experience?" for more information.

Sunscreen: You really will need this, no matter when you come!


Additional Layering Items: Temperatures can flux during the day. The sun can be VERY warm. See What Temperatures Can I Expect? for more information.

Small Daypack: This is a great place to rotate your layers through. There's no locker at the day lodge at the end of each run when you are heli skiing! While you can leave some of your personal items in our heated briefing area (and you can leave skis/boards and utilize our boot dryers there each evening). You will essentially board the Heli (or Snow Cat) and not return until the end of the day. Anything you MUST have with you should be carried on your person, since there's no location to leave it in the helicopter!

You may bring your own avalanche probe and/or shovel if you are comfortable with their use and operation. An Avalanche Transceiver will be issued to you during your stay with us.