Valdez Heli Skiing

Valdez heli skiing is an experience in itself, and Valdez Heli-Camps can help you achieve a dream of a lifetime. Famous for steep slopes, Valdez Heli-Camps offers challenges to even the most advanced skiers. Snowboarders, too, will thrill at the opportunities available to them when they are dropped atop some of the most breathtaking peaks in the world.

Valdez , Alaska is a mecca for the extreme sports enthusiast. With its pristine snow and often times daily powder, Valdez beckons a new generation of thrill seeker to experience what it has to offer. Boldly tackling untouched terrain, Valdez heli skiing will make the rest of the world disappear as you enjoy the crystalline sting of the air on your cheeks and the rush you get as you look out at the beautiful scenery around you.

The Skiing of a Lifetime
The Valdez Heliskiing and snowboarding opportunities found at Valdez Heli-Camps are second to none and offer much variety. Valdez Heli-Camps tends to attract a high caliber of skier. Some groups participate in Valdez heli skiing specifically for the steeper slopes Valdez is famous for. The responsibility of utilizing these slopes often dictates that the group ski one at a time to minimize exposure to any hazards. Accessing the type of terrain that produces high-quality heliskiing can necessitate more time to negotiate the slopes. This can equate to less vertical over the course of a day or a week than one might find at a typical Canadian-style heliski operation. However, the benefit is found in the quality of this unique and challenging skiing experience. In addition, the Valdez Heli-Camps' vertical guarantees and snowcat skiing alternative for weather days assures that you will enjoy skiing the Chugach Mountains with Valdez Heli-Camps. It is yours for the taking with the VALDEZ HELI-CAMPS VERTICAL ADVANTAGE!

The satisfaction of challenging yourself at a high level with the security of a small, professionally guided team and four riders of equal ability, offers a much more enjoyable experience than could be expected when the focus tends toward maximum vertical calculation for the operator to bill out. Racking up run after run alongside several people of varying abilities (in some instances, there are as many as 10 or 11 people in a group) does not compare to the Valdez Heli-Camps experience. This is one of the most important reasons why skiing in Valdez with Valdez Heli-Camps has gained the reputation it has throughout the world!

We Can Accommodate Novices, Too
For those that do enjoy the freedom of wide-open slopes skiing and snowboarding side by side with friends and comrades, nothing is sacrificed at Valdez Heli-Camps! They can quite easily provide for this level of desired heliski or snowboard experience. Valdez Heli-Camps accommodates first-time heliskiers and those whose goals are to put up the big vertical numbers that are produced by "lapping up the Chugach" in one of their very fast A-Stars helicopters. These less technical slopes can offer a higher level of security, allowing skiers to achieve large amounts of vertical feet each day.

Valdez Heli-Camps' owner Matt White says, "Our guests often choose this option, and ski on the same day in areas directly adjacent to those groups working the high angle terrain. Quite often, you can watch other groups from across the valley challenging the Chugach while you are doing the same at your level, or mix it up a bit with some steep challenging runs and some powder cruisers of your own." With the varied and unique terrain Valdez heliskiing offers and the Valdez Heli-Camps' package options, vertical guarantees, snowcat alternative skiing for weather days, small intimate ski groups, great food, and hospitality, this could be just the big mountain heliski experience you have been waiting for!


If Valdez heli skiing is your dream of a lifetime, let Valdez Heli-Camps help you reach that dream.
There is truly no experience that can rival heliskiing the slopes of Valdez !

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