Valdez Heli Ski Guide

"A clever skier will often find an oasis of good snow while the rest of the party . . . within a few yards of him . . . are struggling with crust." -Sir Arnold Lunn

On any heli ski trip, your guide is your best friend and most important ally. In order to ensure your safety, your guide is often at work early each morning to select the best possible opportunities for each skier each day. Throughout the ski day as your guides are descending down the slope, they are continually evaluating its stability and quality for your best experience. To measure the depth, density and strength of the snow pack, your guide will use his many tools, expertise and experience to direct your own exciting descents during your stay at Valdez Heli-Camps.

The guides at Valdez Heli-Camps will help you maximize your backcountry skiing or snowboarding skills, while providing you with the experience of a lifetime. The heli ski guides will instill confidence in your ability to ski or ride any terrain. When you reach the bottom, your guide will be there to give you a high five in celebration of a job well done. Valdez Heli-Camps only hires the best and most dedicated guides in the industry.

The guides at Valdez Heli-Camps undergo a highly rigorous training program honing their skills year-round in anticipation of your visit. Their extensive training syllabus includes courses such as Wilderness Emergency Medicine, Crevasses and Rope Rescue, Avalanche Safety, Heli Rescue, and Ski and Snowboard Instruction. As if their technical qualifications were not sufficient, all of the Valdez Heli-Camps guides are avid mountain enthusiasts, who look forward to sharing their mountains with you while helping you enjoy a challenging, and exciting experience with the highest degree of safety possible in Alaska 's backcountry.