Terms and Conditions

Valdez Heli-Camps highly recommends Trip Cancellation or Vacation Insurance while Heli Snowboarding or Heli Skiing in Alaska

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VHC's financial commitments are undertaken well in advance of your ski vacation with us, therefore the following terms apply. Ski packages are sold as units for a specific time frame.  No refunds will be granted in whole or in part for unused days, late arrival, or early departure.

Cancellation rules:

    * VHC must receive written notice of cancellation in advance
    * More than 180 days prior to trip date: $250 fee
    * 180-90 days from trip date: 50% of trip cost
    * Less than 90 days from trip date: 100% of trip cost
    * Any rescheduling within the 90-day period is solely at the discretion of VHC

Trip Cancellations: VHC reserves the right to cancel any package or daily trip at any time.  This is the only circumstance in which full refunds can be granted within the 180 day period.

Vertical Credits:  All credits are available on account for up to one calendar year. You may use your credit to extend your current stay or as a component of a reservation deposit on any of our services in the following year.

Trip Insurance: Clients are responsible for any evacuation expenses.  Trip insurance that includes both emergency evacuation and cancellation coverage is strongly recommended.  Life, Medical and Personal Property Insurance is also highly recommended as VHC does not cover these types of losses.

All-Inclusive Heli Packages:

Down days are non-refundable (vertical guarantee applies).
Vertical credit/charges: Inclusive Package $30 per 1000 feet under/over guarantee. Punch cards $59.95 per thousand feet. Amended November 15, 2011.

Heliskiing Daily:

Incomplete or down days are limited to a 50% credit.  

Private Helicopter: See contract

Snowcat Bookings:

Snowcats run in nearly all weather conditions.
No vertical guarantees apply.
Incomplete or down days are limited to a 50% credit.

Vertical Guarantee:

If we do not reach, or if we exceed our guarantee, you will be credited or charged $30 per 1,000 feet under or over the guarantee.  Credits remain on account with VHC for one year. Credits can be applied to any of our services or to extend or apply to your next stay with us in the future as part of a deposit. The amount of vertical feet skied during a week is determined by the amount skied by the group.  E.g., if you choose to ski a partial day or not at all, your vertical will be based on the amount of vertical achieved by your group at the week’s end, as this skiing was available to you.  This is our policy with all of our helicopter packages when the vertical guarantee applies.

Punch Card Rules:

No Refunds/Replacements
Your punch card Expires 48 to 96 months from date of purchase depending on card denomination.
Punch cards are the property of VHC and its affiliates. VHC Reserves the right to revoke the use of a punch card at any time.
Good only to original purchaser or original assignee with valid picture ID. Vertical feet charged in increments of 2,500 vertical feet.
You must have a minimum of 5000 feet available on your card to start a Heli adventure. Additional vertical feet may be required to complete your day. You must be willing to commit to the vertical feet achieved by your group that day. Additional vertical feet needed after a punch card has been exhausted is available at $59.95 per 1000 feet and can be purchased to complete your day if necessary.

Thank you for your interest in Valdez Heli-Camps and Helicopter Skiing Valdez, Alaska We look forward to having you join us while heliskiing in Alaska.