Snowcat Skiing

You've dreamed about taking the perfect heli skiing vacation. You can almost feel the fresh powder beneath your feet. You long to hear the sound of the helicopter as it rises over the Chugach Mountains...

So what's the problem? Your best travel buddies can't afford a heli skiing trip. Your significant other is afraid of helicopters. Your husband is a less proficient skier than you are. While it's hard to believe that any snow slider wouldn't jump at the chance to go on a heli ski trip, Valdez Heli Camps has a solution to your problem. That solution is called snowcat skiing.

A snowcat is a marvelous vehicle designed for movement on, you guessed it, snow. Its enclosed heated cab has a windshield composed of specified coatings, as well as external, windshield wiper type scrapers. Snowcats have been used for snow grooming, polar expeditions and seismic studies.

In recent years, snowcats have become popular with backcountry skiers. Think about it. Instead of sitting in an open lift that stalls as the wind blows, wouldn't you prefer to ride inside a warm snowcat that delivers you to fresh, untouched powder? Although a lift ticket may be less expensive than a day of snowcat skiing, if you spend 20-45 minutes on a lift line, is it really the more economical choice?

Valdez Heli-Camps offers a snowcat alternative for folks who are not yet ready for heli skiing. VHC snowcat packages include lodging, all meals, professional guide services and local and airport transportation. If you find yourself gaining confidence in your skills while you are here, you can opt to upgrade your package to include heliskiing. Your friends no longer have an excuse!