November 3rd 2010

Alaska Heli Skiing – Costco is live and its November at Valdez Heli-Camps!

 After a great summer, autumn made a brief appearance and exited Valdez in favor of WINTER!!! Yes, winter is firmly upon us here in Alaska after what seemed like only a handful of fall days! The ski season is just around the corner now and if you haven’t booked already, it is time to rally your troops and get those Alaska Ski or Snowboarding Trip plans locked in for 2011!

We have been extremely busy here at Valdez Heli-Camps this year with all the exciting new developments and improvement projects going on in camp. It has been a lot of fun! I wanted to take a moment to update you on just some of the great things we have been working on for YOU here at VHC coming online for the remainder of 2010 and into 2011 and beyond! There is a lot to tell you about and I will do my best to keep it concise! 

Please let us know how we can help you make an Alaska trip happen this coming ski season. 

From our Premier All-Inclusive Trips, Private Charters, Vertical Punch Cards, to our SUPER Costco Specials , Touring Hut and Snowcat Skiing options we have something for you this season!

Let us help you find the package that suits you best!

Now the news!

The NEW VHC Bar and Restaurant:

As most of you know Valdez Heli-Camps acquired a new bar and restaurant location in Valdez’s top hotel, the Best Western Harbor Inn just as the ski season began last year.  Located a stones throw from the water with the best views of the Valdez harbor and our great heli ski terrain in every direction. We enjoyed a super summer expanding the VHC spirit to catering to the local community and all of our wonderful summer visitors this year.  Today we are busily adding even more cool amenities and upgrades to the new facility while we have some time between the seasons.

After that busy summer and much deliberation and quality input from our friends, we have renamed the place with an ear to the heritage and appreciation for the great big mountain and plentiful ocean resources we so enjoy in Valdez! Now known as VHC’s Wheelhouse Restaurant and Steep and Deep Bar we have only just begun at this great new location!!! More facility remodels and upgrades, a stand-alone website, and integration into the VHC website are scheduled for completion by the New Year! We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Find VHC’s Wheelhouse/Steep and Deep on Face book already.


Unlimited Vertical offer for bookings in November:

Book your all-inclusive semi-private heliskiing package with snowcat back-up for weather this month during qualifying early season ski weeks and get an unlimited vertical bonus! Contact us to learn more about it.  Only 12 seats available!

Mention offer code; (NOVLTD211)


Last week VHC in partnership with Costco Wholesale at re-launched the very popular Costco special packages online. Out nearly two months ahead of last season’s Christmas launch, the popularity of these 3 and 5 night options coupled with our great punch card value provided an incredible introductory opportunity to those that made the journey in 2010. Limited numbers of these trips will be published this year so remember with these super deals, book early and book big for your best seats! We worked hard to maintain our pricing for you this season. Get all the details on how these trips work and what they now include here on our web site! Costco Specials

NEW… Look for us in select Costco Stores where ski tickets are sold. Coming soon!


NEW…Early season skiing and another new Pisten Bully snowcat for the fleet:

We’ll be opening our Snowcat skiing terrain nearly two months early this year for people who just can’t wait for powder at there local haunts. As many of you know for the past fifteen years we have offered Helicopter and Snowcat skiing beginning annually during the first week in February.  With our added commitment to the new Bar and Restaurant now open year-round, we decided to begin our cat skiing season early this year when we are normally still traveling and marketing to you all. After all,,, we are here now hanging out at the new bar, might as well have a ski day to talk about as we look out on those incredible views each evening.  We expect to open in early December as the snow descends to the low valleys to provide us the season’s first powder access to the high peaks by cat. Watch for more on this in the coming weeks. 

Drop us a line and let us know if you would like to join in the early turns as we open!

In December, VHC will take delivery of an additional Pisten Bully 200 Edge Snowcat.

We bought this just for you as “back-up for your back-up” cat skiing. In Alaska, ONLY Valdez Heli-Camps takes these extra steps to make sure you ski on your ski trip to Alaska!  This brings our total snow cat fleet to 6 machines all dedicated to enhancing your stay with us nearly regardless of weather!


NEW… Grant Aviation –flights and great rates from Anchorage to Valdez:

Just after last heliski season in May of 2010 Grant Aviation has offered Valdez a great new option for airline service to Valdez. Creating competition on this short hop commuter route has driven down prices and improved service greatly to our beautiful hamlet in the heart of the Chugach Mountains.  VHC will be partnering with Grant for even better rates for our guests this season. Stay tuned as we finalize the rates for the 40 minute hop Anchorage to Valdez for you.  Learn more about Grant and flights to Valdez here.  Flying (Commercial Airline)


NEW… Summer Adventures:

VHC will begin summer Heli assisted adventures in 2011. Hear about what we did this summer and look for all the details on these super new heli adventures for summer by the New Year as we roll them out!


NEW… Face book and Twitter:

For you busy social networking types, we have added Face book and Twitter presences in the cloud for VHC! We would love to have you begin to post to us there as we grow that presence! Rhett and Ben are online most days now.


VHC Jobs/Employment News:

New Hires:

Ben Ipsen has officially joined the VHC team as our Information Technologies Director. Ben has participated in past VHC IT projects and we are happy to now have his undivided attention moving forward with many new adventures as VHC goes year-round.  Welcome aboard Ben!

New Openings:


Many of you remember our long time dude Todd “sales guy” Webster.  Since his departure during the summer of 2008 I have been conducting the sales and marketing of Valdez Heli-Camps exclusively along with my other duties as President and CEO. With the summer tours now scheduled for 2011 and the Foodservice/catering department demanding more and more attention from visiting tour groups, it is time to reinforce the sales department here at VHC.   What a great opportunity for the right person in each of these jobs!

We have positions available for a Managing Sales Director and a Sales Associate. If you are interested in descriptions for these jobs for yourself or a trusted friend, please request them from me by title in the subject line @


We are seeking just a few more seasonal and year-round workers for the restaurant and bar.  Please feel free to provide your resume to


We’ve seen several snow storms here in the Chugach.  We can happily report several feet of snow already in Thompson Pass!  Snow is on the brain, the VHC Camp is wired and the 2011 ski season will be here before you know it!!! It’s time to finalize those plans!


Please take a moment to let us know what you have been doing with yourself this past summer. We would love to hear from you and hear your stories!

Rhett wanted me to include this message from him in case you missed these articles as they came out this year. “Fresh from last season; VHC worked with some special people who produced video and magazine content.  We were mentioned on with Level 1 and our relationship with Atomic continued with a special trip for two brothers seen on Powder Magazine.”


Hope to see you this season !


A. Matt White

Valdez Heli-Camps

Alaska Skiing and Snowboarding Adventures