Heliskiing Valdez

Since many people come to Valdez because of its reputation for steep terrain, Valdez Heli-Camps' guides want to assure you as safe an experience as possible

Unlike other heli operators that often form groups of 10 or 11 people with different levels of skill, at Valdez Heli Camps, groups consist of just 4 people with similar abilities, all working together utilizing safe skiing techniques as a team. After stability evaluation, the best way of "Reducing the Odds" is to practice safe skiing techniques. There is one overriding rule for safe skiing and that is: never expose more than one skier at a time to potential avalanche terrain. In order to minimize risks, skiers and riders descend one at a time.

You will learn more about the mountains throughout your stay and each time you descend with your VHC heliskiing guide. Valdez Heli Camps values quality of experience over quantity of vertical. To ski the big peaks respect of their power is the understanding you must share. Not all heliskiing experiences are created equal and none surpass Valdez Heli-Camps !

Do you have a friend or significant other whose skiing or riding proficiency does not match your own? No worries! They can be accommodated. Novice heli skiers can be taken to less technical slopes, which are adjacent and visible to the more challenging terrain. You can look across the valley and send your friends moral support as they enjoy their first experience at big mountain terrain.

Valdez Heli Camps guarantees 80,000 vertical feet for a six day package, 50,000 vertical feet for a four day package and 40,000 vertical feet for a three day package. If weather conditions or group preferences keep you from reaching the projected amount of vertical, your account will be credited for the amount of $25 for 1,000 vertical feet. Likewise, if you exceed expected vertical, you will only be charged $25 for 1,000 vertical feet. The Valdez Heli Camp experience awaits you! Call them at 907-783-3243 or email info@valdezhelicamps.com .