250,000 Ft. Trill Seeker Punch Card

For those of you with more time than money, the Vertical Foot Punch Card is the way to go!

Heli Skiing by this method is space available only, and low serial number, high denomination receives priority for a Heli Skiing seat.  So buy big and buy early. 250,000 vertical feet is about 15 days or more of Heli Skiing with an average of 6-8 runs a day.

Included With this Punch Card:

  • 250,000 Vertical Feet of Heli skiing (space available)
  • Applicable Safety gear
  • Avalanche beacon

This card is good for three years after date of purchase.

Ski and Snowboard Rental, Meals and lodging available at additional charge.

Extra Heli Skiing vertical feet is $59.95 per 1,000 vertical feet.

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