4 Day / 4 Night All-Inclusive Heli Package

Our most popular All-Inclusive Heli Package including guranteed snowcat backup!

This package is for those that cannot make the commitment to the entire week but want a bit more time with us than the 3-day package offered. With included snowcat skiing as a weather alternative each day of your stay, you are sure to maximize your time on the mountain heliskiing valdez with Valdez Heli-Camps' 4-day all-inclusive package!

Included In this Package:

  • 4 full-days of helicopter skiing/snowboarding
  • 4 nights lodging
  • All meals and local transportation
  • Guaranteed 50,000 vertical feet
  • Unlimited Vertical Feet Available (Ask us)!

50,000 vertical feet per four-day package is guaranteed. If we do not reach, or if we exceed our targeted guarantees for the week a rate of $30 per 1000 vertical feet will be credited or charged to your account. All credits remain on account with VHC for your future use. The amount of vertical feet skied during a ski week is determined by the amount skied by the group for that week. For example, if you choose to ski a partial day or not ski at all for a day or more, your vertical will be based on the amount of vertical achieved by your group at weeks end, as this skiing is available to you. 

$6299.00 (Single Occupancy)

$5,849.00 (Double Occupancy)