Costco Registration

Welcome to the Costco Punchcard Package - Alaska Heliskiing Registration Page.

This page is designed so that those Costco Members who have already purchased a 3 or 5 night punch card package trip, and received their certificates in the mail, can create a user account with Valdez Heli-Camps, register your purchase, and select preferred dates for your travel.

Please have your Costco Certificate codes available to you before you proceed.  You will be required to mail in or turn in the original certificate to Valdez Heli Camps prior to your first ski day.

If you have not yet purchased your Alaska Heliskiing Package from, please click here and do so now. 

You may return to this page when you have received the certificate from the warehouse. For US citizens this normally is 3 to 5 business days after your online transaction has been completed at

While validating your registration in our system you will be asked to enter a valid Visa or MasterCard number.  You will not be charged. Please be sure your card is valid through the time you plan to spend with us.

*For those using 2 or more Costco packages to extend their stay, you will have to go through the process for each Costco package you have purchased to register your multiple certificates. However you will only have to set up your account once. Just pick consecutive dates that match with your registration from the first time through the system.  Do not select (QTY) 2 in the shopping cart prior to checkout.

**If you are buying for a friend your friend must register individually. You can not register for them.

By clicking the registration links below you acknowledge that you have your certificate in hand, have read and understand about the Costco Specials, punch card rules, and our general Terms and Conditions

Use the following secure links to register the Costco package you purchased:
5 - Night Alaska Heli-Skiing Adventure
3 - Night Alaska Heli-Skiing Experience

Thank you for buying your Valdez Heli-Camps adventure at Costco!