Ultimate Heliskiing Adventure

The Ultimate Heli Skiing Adventure "Sound to Summit": Heli Skiing by boat! Ski the tallest Peaks in the Chugach Mountains from the most beautiful waters of Alaska's Prince William Sound.

This is an Awe Inspiring Expedition of Skiing, Untouched Terrain on without exception, the Biggest Heli Ski Descents in Alaska.

A Unique Made-in-Alaska experience offering you once-in-a-lifetime first descents down the pantheon peaks of the Chugach Range. Are you ready for an extraordinary Heliskiing Adventure Experience? The Sound to Summit is just That!

The Sound to Summit package is a combination heli-ski/boat trip that caters to thrill-seekers of the most extreme variety.

Geared for expert-only heli ski clients, we will escort you down some of the tallest peaks in the Chugach including attempts at Mt. Marcus Baker (13,176 ft) and his Sentinels.

The trip will begin in Valdez where you will enjoy a spectacular helicopter flight over the mountains and glaciers of the Chugach Range surrounding Prince William Sound. 30 minutes later you will arrive at our floating home base, two well appointed Alaska working vessels averaging 100 feet in length anchored among the floating ice in the waters of College Fjord. All the amenities you might expect on working live aboard boats of this size are onboard and redundant between the vessels. Comfortable accommodation, movies-on-demand, and we provide a full-sized hot tub on board!

For the 2011 season,  4 day and 6 day Sound to Summit excursions will be offered for qualified clients, beginning the last days of April (dates TBA), seats will be strictly limited to a maximum of 9 guests per adventure for these two exclusive traverses.

The Sound to Summit is also offered as a private Charter for up to 9 guests.  Market rates apply you must speak with Matt about private charter arrangements for this special adventure.

Guide Photographer Wes Wylie takes in the view of Perfect Skies over the Heart of the Chugach as he awaits the incoming helicopter.

Sound to Summit, May 2008, College Fjord, Prince William Sound, Alaska

From our mini flotilla of boats and helicopters we will plan to fly directly to the selected peaks that will be attempted each day of the heli ski expedition.

The Sound to Summit is designed as a pioneering traverse of the Biggest of the Chugach, including the most intense heli ski exploration anywhere! With exploratory expeditions such as this one,  one must always understand the nature of the mountains and the limitations we may find in engaging new areas for the very first time. 

Because of the unpredictable nature of heli ski exploration of this magnitude coupled with the long daylight activity hours we can expect in Late April and May, (remember we have day light well beyond the Sunrise Sunset times 5:50am 10:02pm  on May 1st  during this trip),  we have provided for some alternative outdoor activities to launch from the boats for early morning and late evening or downtime entertainment.

Fishing (you will need an Alaska fishing license available in Valdez on your arrival)

Sea-kayaking among the seals and otters, glacier brash ice and icebergs

Beach exploration and some of the best wild life and landscape photography you will find! 

View huge calving tidewater glaciers right from the decks of our vessels

Freshly caught Alaskan deep sea fish and shrimp are among other luxuries we might expect.

You should be comfortable with the risks;

Before you even consider the Sound to Summit Adventure know that with great reward sometimes comes substantial risk, both personal and financial. Purchase Trip insurance!  A rescue out here can make the actual trip cost the least expensive part of your adventure in the event of an incident in the field. Also know if we have poor flying weather, that is part of the risk. Do not expect credits as the variable costs are negligible compared to the fixed cost of this endeavor once the wheels are set in motion to bring all resources to bare on specific dates to provide this Very Unique Heli Skiing Opportunity.

Variable costs for the Sound to Summit are strictly based on flight time utilized by the helicopter. 

For the 4 day 8.5 Hours of Flight time are included (4 Hours Guaranteed)

For the 6 day 14 hours of flight time are included (6.5 hours guaranteed)

Extra Hour and Credit Hour Rate of $3000 per hour (rate subject to fluctuation prior to booking)

*Non-Private trips will have these cost or credits distributed evenly amongst clients solely at the discretion of Valdez Heli-Camps

**Be financially prepared! Non-participation financially is not an option.  If we have great weather we will Ski and Snowboard as much as possible

You may choose to sit out but you will be charged for your seat.

The current prices for the 2011 Sound to Summit adventure are;

$10,999USD per person, for 4 days, $15,999 for 6 days

These prices are subject to change at any time prior to a secured reservation.

Day 2 Sound to Summit 2008

On completion of our heli-expedition we will call on the Port of Whittier, Alaska for departure to Anchorage and your return to the World of People.

Ground transportation from Whittier is provided as well as assistance with layovers and airport transfers from the port.

After reviewing this page you find you are interested in joining us for this exclusive experience, please register your interest right-away.

An anticipated steep client demand for these few seats is expected with this announcement of the Spring 2009 offerings here in the new web site.

Some Special Notes;

For those who wish to maximize their Alaska heli ski adventure by combining a week of Valdez heli skiing with the Sound to Summit Heliski Adventure, a special option combining a stay at Valdez Heli-Camps is offered prior to the Sound to Summit. 

Only clients of the highest skill level and experience will be considered for individual spots on the Sound to Summit.

Some flexibility can be accepted for a private charter booking of the Sound to Summit 2011. As a single purchaser you alleviate some of our concerns in creating the strongest compatible groups for this special expedition. See: Client Qualifications below

Coming with friends? You should arrange yourselves in the most compatible groups of 3 for your best chances to ski together in the same helicopter group.

To inquire, please send an email to info@valdezhelicamps.com attn Matt Sound to Summit 2011.

For further contact information Contact us.

Client Qualifications: 

1.) You have skied with Valdez Heli-Camps, one of its professional guides, or affiliates in the recent past. Your abilities are known to us and you have received a positive reference from them.

2.) You have skied with a professional guide known to us who can provide direct recommendations to us on your ability and fitness.

3.) You choose to book the Sound to Summit Privately and you have a professional guide from a reputable company that can provide direct reference to your skills and abilities. You are willing to take responsibility for the abilities and fitness of the participants you choose to bring.

As with all of our packages and trips Valdez Heli-Camps reserves the right to cancel any trip at any time. 

Standard terms also apply.