The Alaska 'Peak Light Film Crew' Charter

Only VHC offers this unique option to Ski Movie crews on extended assignment in AK.

Let VHC take the worries out of your long term heliski film shoot budget with The" Film Crew Ship".

There are two options for Media and Film Crew operations:

First is a Private Helicopter Charter as described elsewhere on this site, the second being a Semi Private Media Charter or, as we call it, "The Film Crew Ship". To assist in determining your needs, think about the following questions:

  • Will you need to shoot from the helicopter from a mount?
  • Will you require that the helicopter stays with your crew for the entire day?
  • Are you mainly interested in low angle light to film?
  • What is your Budget?

These are some of the questions that are important because they will determine whether you require a private helicopter charter to accomplish your goals. A private helicopter charter requires a much higher financial commitment from you as it ensures that a helicopter is dedicated to your project exclusively for each day of the project. If you are flexible you can greatly reduce your cost from the private option by utilizing our "Film Crew Ship" Semi-Privately!

We have provided a high quality service to many film and photo projects over the years and our guides are highly experienced in working with film crews. If your budget does not allow for the Private Helicopter we are able to still work with most photo shoot projects that are willing to work around our other commitments. We have an option to place you in the mountains with a guide or guides before the start of our normal heliski operations in the morning and periodically provide lifts as needed on a last priority basis so long as it does not interfere with our guest operations. Frequently, where guests will ski anywhere from 6-10 runs in a day, it is more common for a film crew to shoot just 2-4 runs in a day.

We can also work with photo/film crews in the late afternoon after normal guest operations are completed. These early morning and late afternoon time frames tend to be just the type of light that photographers seek when shooting on snow so this option may work well for you. Here is how semi-private charter option works; For each day of your intended project Valdez Heli-Camps will require a deposit equal to 1 hour of flight time ($2995). If for instance, your project is 7 days you will be committed to a minimum charge equal to 7 hours of flight time. You may use all of that time in one day or any portion of that time each day over the duration of your scheduled project. This minimum requirement is non-refundable so it is suggested that you allow enough time with your project to account for weather, scouting, logistics, graphic installation on the aircraft or any other need you may foresee for the aircraft.

As with the Private Charter this flight time is billed only when the aircraft is in the air. The hour meter starts and stops each time the aircraft lifts off or lands. As most film crews not shooting from the aircraft require only a few lifts per day, one hour can be very productive in moving athletes and photographers in and out of the field. Standard Valdez Heli-Camps terms apply. We also have the flexibility to provide a small helicopter as a "Camera Platform" only. While not suitable for the direct needs of supporting the lifting required for heli skiing, this economical heli is billing at less per-hour than the Private or Semi Private Helicopter Ski Charters due to its lower operating costs.

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