Private Charters

Perfect for experienced individuals and small groups who know just what they want from a heli ski experience

Designed specifically for the Heli Ski connoisseur and production companies, the Private Heli Ski Charter can range the heliskiing terrain of Alaska with little restriction from your private helicopter with your private Alaska heli ski guide(s) as required by your desires or project outline with Valdez Heli-Camps.

7 Day Private Heli Ski Charter
6 Day Private Heli Ski Charter
4 Day Private Heli Ski Charter
3 Day Private Heli Charter
Alaska "Peak Light" Film Crew Helicopter
Ultimate Private Heli Ski Adventure

The Private Helicopter Charter allows you to helicopter ski and tour throughout the vast heliski terrain of Alaska. Perfect for experienced individuals and small groups who know just what they want from a heli ski experience.  The Private Heli Ski Charter is a dedicated Helicopter exclusive to you or your group or project and is available only to you for the length of your helicopter charter reservation.

Since the Private Helicopter Ski Charter is often in heavy demand, it is important to book time well in advance of your heli ski vacation plans or Helicopter Ski Project. Private heli ski charter time is reserved on a chronological priority system. The first customer to place a hold on a date has priority over holds private helicopter ski charters placed subsequently.

A customer with a lower priority hold may "force" the holds of higher priority holders by offering to BOOK that date. If those customers with higher priority are unwilling to make a booking after having been given reasonable notice, the customer forcing the hold will be awarded the dates.

A booking will only be validated and confirmed upon receipt of this signed contract together with the required deposit. This agreement will then be countersigned by an authorized representative of Valdez Heli-Camps and returned to you with your receipt.

The customer should book all dates for which the customer anticipates requiring the helicopter. These include weather days, travel days, special preparation days, and back-up days of any kind. Any days not booked are considered available to other customers.

The general rates for the private helicopter are outlined in the links below.  These rates include helicopter, pilot, fuel, and two guides.  Each additional guide is $399 per day.  VHC will solely determine the number of guides and or special equipment required to complete all skiing endeavors, operations, and projects undertaken by the private helicopter.

Should you have any questions about the Private Helicopter Charter Option, for a consultation contact us.