Touring Hut and Professional Guiding

Ski tour Alaska's backcountry with Valdez Heli-Camps' professional guides for a true Alaskan Chugach backcountry experience.

Earn your turns ski touring from our ski hut high in the Chugach Mountains of Valdez you can enjoy a wide variety of terrain and conditions!  Professional Ski Guides are available (but not mandatory) to provide the best backcountry skiing and touring in Alaska.

Ask about our helicopter assisted backcountry ski access options. Ski mountaineering in Valdez and Thompson Pass Alaska is second to none, whether on telemark gear, randonee ski mountaineering, or alpine ski or snowboard equipment. Valdez Heli-Camps can provide a quality backcountry ski experience catered to your desires!

From simple beta on your visit to our ski hut and heli drops VHC is happy to help you access the Chugach any way we can!

Our "Touring Hut"

From a vantage point 4100 feet above Prince William Sound enjoy breath-taking vistas overlooking expanses of glacier, ocean and Alaska's famous Chugach Mountain Range.

some of the many views available from the touring hut on stone mountain in valdez alaska

You can enjoy brilliant mornings, afternoon alpenglow, and the quietest star filled and northern lit nights or weather even the toughest storms in the comfort of our fully insulated, wood heated, and electrified 25' by 12' Touring Hut. Excellent ski touring and light mountaineering is available from the front door. You can arrange for a ski touring guide or enjoy the exploration of the nearby terrain on your own. You and up to 5 of your friends can comfortably enjoy this unique and unforgettable experience. You and your gear will be transported by Snowcat to the Touring Hut located just below the 5700' summit of Stone Mountain.

We provide;
Snow cat coach transportation, all firewood, fuel, and waste disposal.
The cost for up to 6 people is $499 per night.   
Ski Touring Guides are available at an additional $449 per day.

earning your turns in the chugach range valdez alaska

The ski touring hut is located at the top of our snow cat skiing terrain and offers nearly 1800 additional vertical feet of Steep Couloirs Ramps and Bowls right out your back door!  We provide firewood and a cooking stove and fuel. You bring anything (and as much) as you want, and we'll move you and your gear up to the touring hut site (lots of folks bring a couple of sets of skis). There are cots and chairs for six. It is an awesome way to earn your turns and enjoy the backcountry.  

We use the snowcats to haul guests and gear to the hut but all cat skiing is done below the hut elevation.  The cat does not even drive by the hut.  We don't heli ski on the peaks you see in the photos behind the hut when guests are booked to come in for ski touring and hiking.  

the view that started it all - heli skiing in alaska

The hut sits at about 4500'MSL and the peak you see in the back of the photo is just over 5700' MSL descending that bowl to about 3900' is a great run close to home..  Thompson Pass is a motorized use area and although we do not officially stop snowmobiles mostly the few that visit are very respectful of guests in the hut when made aware. Valdez is a small town with several mountain enthusiasts enjoying both private and commercial mechanized and non-mechanized access to these wonderful mountains. We have found all of the private and commercial mechanized users to be very respectful of other's experiences in sharing access.

From the close terrain you can tour out in any direction from there exploring in all directions.  The back side of that peak is big stuff!  If you choose to get a heli drop to a new area on a particular day you can arrange that with a ski touring guide if you like.  Cell phones work sometimes from the hut but other wise there is no communications from there if you do not have a guide.  Should you choose to ski back to base it is a very easy descent over about 5 miles all down hill or flat touring back to the VHC base camp at mile 17.5 of the Richardson Highway.

Cooking is a propane camp stove, or on the wood stove top. You will need either camping or disposable eating utensils and cooking gear. We can supplement if you need something specific you don't want to fly with in your luggage, just let us know we have it all! 

The generator is intended for temporary supplemental energy; i.e. some lights when needed, a charger, radio, the coffee maker, and is not designed or intended to run 24 hours per day

hanging out in the touring hut, warming up with some beers
The USGS has mapped the entire area, so a variety of hard-copy maps should be available for you online and locally.

If you would like to explore the area using Google Earth or a similar tool, here is the Lat/Long of the Ski Touring Hut:

alpenglow on the touring hut with snowcat parked outside

LAT: 61.05418426523577 LON: 145.8139640547402    

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