Vertical Feet Punch Cards

More heli ski time than heli ski money?  Heli Ski Vertical Punch Cards are for You!

With six heli skiing vertical punch card options to choose from-  heli skiing Alaska on a Vertical Foot Heli Ski Punch Card appeals to heli skiers and snowboarders looking for the ability to indulge in the VHC experience for an entire heli skiing season, a heli ski month, heli ski week, weekend, ski day, or even a half day of heli skiing on a budget they can manage by the time they have to spend in Alaska heli skiing.

For these very same prices - you will go heli skiing on the same heli zones and terrain (and often with) our clients here on the All-Inclusive Heli Skiing Packages as your punch card number comes up!

Heli skiing some deep snow in Valdez Alaska

For those with more time available than money to Heli Ski in Alaska, we provide six heli skiing vertical punch cards designed to appeal to riders looking for the ability to indulge in the VHC experience heli skiing at the best rates in the industry.

Here is how it works:

Essentially, you purchase a heli ski vertical punch card for a specific amount of vertical feet. The least expensive one, for $599, provides 12,500 vertical feet of skiing. If you estimate the average day of heli skiing provides 18,000-20,000 vertical feet of skiing, this vertical punch card allows more than half a day's worth of heli skiing. Another way to look at it is that it costs about $96 to heli ski, a 2000 vertical foot run.

Want to save even more? The 100,000 Vertical Feet Punch Card provides the flexibility of buying in bulk and paying as little as $66 for the same 2000 vertical feet!

And for you die-hards wanting to get the most for your Heli Skiing dollar, we've introduced two new heli skiing punch cards this season in 250,000 and 500,000 Vertical foot Denominations. The 500K heli skiing punch card works out to be an average of $52

Try to beat that!

Unbeatable on price and certainly unbeatable on quality! And most importantly you are paying for what you heli ski not what you fly the helicopter! Only at VHC.  Visit our Comparatitive FAQs to find out how we can do what no one else can!

The heli skiing punch cards available are:

Here's a table listing our heli skiing punch cards (including the two new ones) and the savings they provide you to help you choose which works best for your needs, desires and budget:

  Vert Ft. Price $ /1k Vert $ /run $ 1/2 Day $ Full Day Extra Vert Expires
Alaskan Zinc 12,500 $699 $55.92 $139.80 $559.20 $1118.40 $59.95/1k 2 Yrs
Alaskan Copper 25,000 $1299 $51.96 $129.90 $519.60 $1039.20 $59.95/1k 2 Yrs
Alaskan Gold 50,000 $2,249 $44.98 $112.45 $449.80 $899.60 $59.95/1k 2 Yrs
Alaskan Black Gold 100,000 $3,749 $37.49 $93.72 $374.90 $749.80 $59.95/1k 2 Yrs
Thrill Seeker 250,000 $8,499 $33.99 $84.97 $339.90 $679.80 $59.95/1k 3 Yrs
Permanent Fun 500,000 $15,499 $30.99 $77.47 $309.90 $619.80 $59.95/1k 4 Yrs

Complete rules for the punch cards:

  • No Refunds/Replacements
  • Use is SPACE AVAILABLE only (No Reservations)
  • Card Expires 24-96 months from Purchase Date dependant on denomination.
  • This Card is the Property of VHC and its affiliates. VHC Reserves the right to revoke the use of this card at any time and provide a refund for the unused portion.
  • Good only to the Original Purchaser with Valid Picture ID
  • Vertical Charged in increments of 2,500 Vertical feet.
  • You must have a minimum of 5,000 Vertical Feet to start a Heli Adventure.
  • Additional Vertical may be purchased to round up to 20,000 Vertical Feet to complete a day's adventure at the rate of $59.95 per 1000 Vertical Feet
  • Punchcards can be used for snow cat skiing on a space availble basis at a rate of 10,000 vertical feet per day. (a day of cat skiing normally produces between 15-20,000 feet)

REMEMBER:  When we have extra seats, those with the highest denomination and lowest serial number are first in line for those heli skiing seats. So-o-o-o, if you are the first one to buy a 500,000 vertical punch card, you will be assured that you will get priority punch card seating when it is available.  That's why buying the punch card - no matter what denomination you choose, is worth doing as early as possible.  Here are our rules to determine priorities for space-available Heli skiing seats:

  • If a client would like to OWN a seat in the Heli they may BUY a seat (Single Day) at the current single day rate up to the time of grouping for departure.  Single Day Heli Skiers have seniority over all Punch Cards, therefore guaranteeing the seat. Likewise a pre-booked Snowcat Skiing Client may upgrade to Heli Skiing for the day rate amount difference and "own the seat".
  • Priority of space available helicopter seats are as follows:
    • Pre-Booked Snowcat Ski Clients upgrading to Heli Skiing
    • Single Day Heli Skiers
    • Punch Cards of highest issued denomination
    • Punch Cards with oldest serial number

We've developed these products to appeal to customers that want to ski as inexpensively as possible. These packages represent the best value in the industry and provide a way for big mountain riders like you to pay only for what you heli ski when you heli ski.

Questions about the Punch Card Program? Ask Us!

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