Cat & Heli Skiing Combo Deals

We can custom design Heli Skiing and Snowcat Skiing Combination Packages designed specifically to Stretch Your Alaska Skiing Dollar

While we do not specifically market a Combination Heli Ski/ Snowcat Skiing Trip, but some guests do choose to combine packages and we are asked so often about it, that we thought we would address it here for you.

Here's what we recommend:

Only consider a Heli Ski / Snowcat Skiing combinations option if budget is your primary concern and you want to ski every day of your stay and stay as long as you can on a limited budget. If you are primarily interested in Heliskiing here is your concern.  The weather can and will change over any extended stay in Valdez.  It is important to be ready at all times to take advantage of good flying weather during your stay.  Although it is sometimes convenient to speculate that you would come for an extended period and combine a heli ski trip with a snow cat skiing trip to extend that stay within your budget, you will never be able to predict which days you are here that the weather will be most favorable for heli skiing.

one of the finer things in life- heli skiing the chugach!

Now if your thought process had been to start with say a 3 days or a week in the snowcats to "warm-up" or acclimate then book a heliskiing package as the finale to your trip you must be aware of the fact that the weather may not cooperate with your reasoning.  So as we say, if Heli Skiing is your focus you are much better served by booking an All-Inclusive Heli Skiing Package for the entirety of your stay.  This ensures that you have guaranteed seats in both the Helicopter and the Snow cats each day of your stay.

However, if you still choose a Heli Ski - Snow Cat Ski combination trip, and we have an empty seat in the Helicopter on a given day, you may be able to upgrade to Heli Skiing while you are on your Snowcat Skiing Package for an additional $900 per person, per day.

The draw backs to this are that we cannot guarantee we will have a space available for your upgrade to Heli Skiing, and cannot guarantee that all those in your group will be able to Heli Ski together if we can upgrade you on the same day.

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