Single Day Heli-Skiing

Heli Ski Alaska for a day with this package. Understand Daily Heli Skiing in Alaska and how this Heli Ski Option might be best for you

Heli Skiing is available on a daily reservation basis. A daily Heli-Skiing reservation guarantees your seat on that day.  A normal Heli Skiing day includes 18,000 to 20,000 vertical feet of Heli-Skiing (approx 6-9 runs).  If we do not achieve the minimum daily vertical feet of heli skiing or heliboarding during the Heli-Skiing Day, you will be credited $30 per 1000 vertical feet achieved below the guarantee.

powder skiing in alaska in Valdez's Chugach Mountains

Be prepared, should you be on a daily Heli Skiing reservation and Heli Skiing with a group that is engaged in one of our weekly Heli-Skiing packages which includes unlimited daily vertical feet of Heli Skiing, you are subject to the $30 per 1000 vertical foot charge for Heli Skiing exceeding 20,000 vertical feet for that day.

If you are interested in the daily Heli-Skiing option, you may also be interested in our vertical punch card heli skiing program.

The cost for a daily Heli-Skiing reservation is $1299 per day.  Incomplete or down days are limited to a 50% credit. Pre-booked daily heliski reservations have priority over all punchcards. Standard terms apply.

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