All-Inclusive Heli Skiing Packages

Alaska Heli Skiing at its Best: Heli Ski Alaska with Valdez Heli-Camps' premier heli ski package, the all-inclusive semi-private heli skiing adventure!

This is what we're all about!
The vast majority of our clients, and everyone that understands what heliskiing is really about here in Alaska, chooses one of these fully-catered semi-private heli ski with snow cat alternative options from VHC!

6 Day/7 Night Heli Packages

4 Day/4 Night Heli Packages

3 Day/3 Night Heli Packages

The rest,"just didn't hear about us until it was too late". Have no fear, you have come to the right place and we won't let you make that mistake...

preparing to drop in for an amazing heli ski run!

Read on to find out why VHC's all-inclusive heli trips may just be your best option to guarantee a successful ski trip to Alaska...

"Matt I wanted to thank you for treating us so well! We came to Alaska last season without doing our own research. Sadly, we had booked with one of your competitors without looking into VHC. Thank you for saving our vacation! When the weather came in VHC was there with a snowcat seat for us. We can't thank you enough for getting us out with your heliski clients when the opportunity arose. We found out that everyone else at the operator we booked with that didn't join us didn't ski at all...  We'll be back to AK and with VHC for sure next time"

Sincerely, Stephen and John

All Inclusive Heli Skiing provides helicopter skiing with snowcat skiing reserve each day of your stay.  Guaranteed seats in both our snowcats and helicopters each day insure your priority service and best experience while heli-skiing only with Valdez Heli-Camps! No one does it the way we do! Snowcats and Helicopters always at the ready is our commitment to your dream ski vacation!

the mountains here are BIG

During a heli-skiing day, you will ski unlimited vertical feet of heliskiing with your premier three, four, or six day heli ski adventure!  80,000 vertical feet per six-day heli ski trip is guaranteed. 50,000 vertical feet per four-day heliski adventure, and 40,000 vertical feet per three-day heli ski holiday is also guaranteed with snowcats at the waiting in case of any adverse heli ski flying condition throughout the day.

As our package guest, you receive a complete experience - virtually everything is provided with the exception of  beer/wine/liquor, ski or board rental, and gratuities.

VHC owner matt white likes to heli ski once and awhile too
VHC Owner/President Matt White slips out for a run...

In a normal operating day heli-skiing, you have the opportunity to ski as much vertical as daylight allows with our premier three, four, or six day packages.  If we do not reach, or if we exceed our targeted guarantees for each of the 3, 4, or 6 day options a rate of $30 per 1000 vertical feet will be credited or charged to your account. 

With the all-inclusive semi private packages, the amount of vertical feet skied during a ski week is determined by the amount skied by the group for that week.  For example, if you choose to ski a partial day or not ski at all for a day or more, your vertical will be based on the amount of vertical achieved by your group at week's end, as this skiing is available to you.

6 Day/7 Night Heli Packages

4 Day/4 Night Heli Packages

3 Day/3 Night Heli Packages

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