Heli Skiing Canada

Over 40 years of commercial helicopter skiing development has produced an industry in Canada that provides nearly 90 percent of the world's available heli skiing.

It's a sure bet that heli skiing Canada has given thousands of skiers and snowboarders an introduction to this great sport. The majority of the Canadian heliski operators are located in British Columbia, as well as similarly remote mountain locations in Alberta and the Yukon Territory. Pioneering organizations like Mike Wiegele, TLH, Selkirk Tangiers and Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) have shown the skiing public the enjoyment of accessing fresh powder slopes via helicopters. The success of these operators and the passion they have instilled in skiers and now snowboarders from all over the world has spawned helicopter ski operations in Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, India, Russia, Greenland, Italy, and most notably in Alaska.

Heliskiing Canada Leads to Alaska
The desire for more challenging and exotic locations has sparked a new breed of heliskier seeking bigger slopes and steeper terrain. Starting from a small gathering of the world's best big mountain freeskiers in the early 1990s, the World Extreme Skiing Competition and later with the King of the Hill World Snowboarding Championship, Valdez, Alaska quickly became the focal point for these new heli-ski pioneers. At the news of the first successful events held in the Chugach Mountains surrounding Valdez, more and more of these new heliskiing adventurers began to seek out the slopes. Today Valdez Heli-Camps regularly takes these new ski adventurers to test their skills on mountains previously reserved only for the skiing and snowboarding elite.

Located in Valdez, Alaska, at the epicenter of this world-famous skiing area, Valdez Heli-Camps is the premier choice for heli-skiing in Alaska.

Valdez Heli-Camps offers a variety of ski packages to both introduce the uninitiated and challenge the most experienced. However, it is not just superior heliskiing that VHC offers; snowcat skiing alternatives allow you to ski while the snow is falling and most other heliski operations are stopped in their tracks. Enjoy a soak in the pool or hot tub and sightseeing in Valdez. High-quality lodging with all the modern conveniences and gourmet meals from your private chefs are savored upon your return from each day in the mountains.

Valdez Heli-Camps strives to offer the best conditions in both helisnowboarding and heliskiing. To check out availability for your Alaskan heli skiing experience, call (907) 783-3243 or e-mail info@valdezhelicamps.com.