Heli Skiing Alaska

Has your skiing reached a plateau? When you go to your home mountain, do you find yourself longing to jump the ropes? Are you ready for a change in your skiing and your life?

A heli skiing trip to Alaska may be the solution!

Don't take our word for it. See what Kim Reichelm has to say about her first Alaska heli skiing experience. Kim was the winner of the first World Extreme Skiing Championship (WESC) in Valdez , Alaska in 1991. She had recently retired from the US Ski Team. In Valdez , Reichelm experienced her first time in Alaska , her first time heli skiing, her first time in a helicopter and her first time skiing extremely big mountains. According to Reichelm, her "mode changed" and her education about the skills needed to become a better backcountry skier began at that competition in Valdez .

As a professional racer, Kim was an expert carver, but she knew very little about skiing chutes. She claims that her Alaska heli skiing experience helped her improve her ability to handle any type of terrain under any condition. Four years later, when she returned to Alaska for the World Extreme Skiing Championships, Reichelm once again won the event. If Alaska heli skiing helped Kim Reichelm, think of what it could do for you! Why not take your skiing and riding skills to the next level?

There is nothing like the thrill of untouched powder to get a skier's or snowboarder's pulse racing and adrenaline flowing! Now that you've made the wise choice to step outside of your boundaries, the next logical step is to book a trip to Alaska to heli ski or snowboard