Alaska Heli Ski Tours

Have you been asking yourself if a heli ski tour vacation is worth the money?

Consider this. On your last vacation, you visited one of North America 's highly rated Mega Ski Resorts. You woke up early in the morning eager to start your day of skiing or riding, but alas, a few thousand other people had the exact same idea. You proceeded to the gondola line, where the resort had employed a Neil Diamond look and sound alike for your lift waiting pleasure. Perhaps the heli skiing tour would have been a better idea.

The gondola has standing room only, and the ride seems to take forever. You are reminded of the subway ride you take each morning. Didn't you take a ski vacation to escape this? The gondola stops midway, and lets in even more people. When are we going to be there?

You are there. You are there with a few thousand of your "best friends". All of you came for the powder. You were misinformed and you quickly find out that "there are no friends on a powder day". It seems within minutes the best lines are tracked wall to wall.

You've heard that this particular ski resort has some great powder stashes, but where are they? The locals don't want to give up their secrets. You resign yourself to skiing the trails most traveled. At Valdez Heli-Camps, snowcats and helicopters are your lifts. You will never have to wait for a snowcat or helicopter. On heli ski tours, your guides will take you to the best stashes in the Chugach Mountains . Your guide is the local who will share the secrets. It's a no-brainer.