How do snowcat reserve options work with heliski or heliboard packages?

Snow cat skiing as a direct alternative to heli skiing is a rare find in the heli skiing industry anywhere in the world. An operator must have just the right location to make such a combined heli skiing - snowcat skiing operation work

We are aware of only one other operator in Alaska that has snow cat skiing as an option for its heliskiers at all. The difference is that they do not offer the backup as part of the package, If you want to snowcat ski as a weather day option to heli skiing with them, it cost around $300 extra just to have that option, and more to utilize it (current rates not available). They also do not provide enough snow cats or terrain to fully accommodate their heli skier capacity with the snow cat operation.


At Valdez Heli-Camps priority seating in our snow cats is included with your helicopter skiing package. If we utilize snow cats for a day when helicopter skiing is scheduled your vertical guarantee account will only be charged a maximum of 9000 feet. If you do not go heli skiing for an entire day while using the snow cats due to weather, your real cost is $270 for your priority seat as the current package vertical rate at VHC is $30 per thousand feet. We normally achieve 16,000 to 18,000 vertical feet on a full day of snow cat skiing! The snow cats are used to keep our groups skiing and are the best alternative to waiting around for the weather to break for flying.

Only Valdez Heli-Camps can offer this combination of incredible terrain and access by helicopters or snow cats. Our snow cats are at your disposal with our all inclusive trips and require no additional commitment or cost to you to have this option for skiing or riding on days when other heli skiers in Alaska are "stopped in their tracks" . 

The snowcats also offer the fastest reaction time to improving flying weather.  No finding your group members gathering at the helipad and waiting. With your groups already assembled and skiing or riding from the cats the helicopters are only minutes away and can whisk you directly to the heli ski terrain at the first available opportunity right from your snow cat. No matter the weather, "VHC is always moving in the direction of skiing"

Questions to Ask Operators Offering Snow Cat Reserve options:

Is my seat guaranteed?

How much does it cost?

What if I don't need to use the Cat?

Can you pick us up in the cat terrain if the weather becomes good enough to fly the helicopter?