Why shouldn't I buy Heli Skiing by The Run?

If your ski time is valuable to you but your budget is limited there is a better alternative...

For many on a budget, "By-the Run" Heli Skiing seems to be a great way to hit the Chugach inexpensively. At least one operator has a rate of $109, a run with a ten trip ticket ($1000.00) bring the price down to $100.00. That is, plus a fuel Surcharge of at least $8.50 a run. Ok so for $1085.00 for ten runs or $108.50 a run (with the fuel surcharge at the current rate - it could go up) you get to go Heli Skiing. But what is a heli ski "run" here? How long is it? What terrain do you access? It's not specified, so you may have dropped over $100.00 for a five minute ride. Oh, and by the way, that "run" just goes down to the road where you are picked up at the bottom by a Van (or perhaps walk the highway back to base to get in line again) If you want to upgrade from this type of “Run” your costs become somewhat undefined.

If your ski time is valuable to you but your budget is limited there is a better alternative:

A Vertical Foot Punch Card from Valdez Heli-Camps!

How about 25,000 vertical feet for $999? That's about 10 2,500 vertical foot runs. But because the nature of the punch card being a "seat filler" You ski in the same places our pre booked clients do (and with them)!  We specifically designed this program to give our clients with more time than money an opportunity to heli ski Alaska without sacrificing any of the quality by utilizing the punch card program.

With a Valdez Heli-Camps Punch Card you can

Ski everywhere in the terrain,

No heli waiting times

Access to the steeps  

Pay for what you ski not what you fly (punch cards are based on vertical not numbers of runs)

Ski a short run? Get more runs. It’s that simple!!!

Have a punch card and the ability to wait for the perfect day and you can really get the best of the best of Valdez Heli Skiing on your budget. Absolutely no one has a better deal than that in the world!  For more on the Punch Cards

Questions to Ask about "Heli Skiing By the run":

How long is a heli ski run?

Are all heli ski runs the same length?

How much is it per run?

Can I ski anywhere the conditions are good in the terrain for the same price?

Do you heli ski the super steeps on a per run deal?

Do I get picked up again by the heli?  Or do I walk back or take a van after the heli run?

How do you prioritize who gets on the helicopter?

How are heli ski groups formed?

Who goes first each day, who goes last, how do you prioritize?

How many groups per heli, how long do I wait between runs if I want to do consecutive heli runs?

How do I get to your helicopter base and back each day?

Are there any additional charges I should know about?