Will Heli Skiing Operators Say Anything to Get Me To Come?

We have found that some Heli Skiing operators will imply or out right say things that are not true about themselves or their competitors...

Fortunately, there are things you can do to insulate yourself a bit from this by being prepared with your questions and obtaining good answers.

It is important that you understand heliskiing in Alaska is for the most part, unregulated by the State. Therefore you must be diligent in choosing an operator. Be sure that what is advertised is what is currently provided and what is provided meets a standard you are comfortable with. Do not assume anything.

Always moving in the direction of skiing”. Clients load the snowcats to ski powder and hope for clearing skies for the helicopter.

If an Operator doesn't sell it, it probably doesn't operate it. And even things that are sold may not be controlled by the operator. Make certain you understand what is included in a "trip" and how it is purveyed. Food, lodging, transportation and any other support you are engaging are all issues you should address individually when buying a heli ski trip. Same thing for "Down Day" activities, if it is more than ice climbing (which most ski mountaineering guides can teach and help with), it is probably going to cost you extra and not be pre-arranged for you. 

Among the most misleading?

Cat skiing as a heli skiing back-up on down days...

Because of the popularity of this option, many heli ski operators insinuate a cat option is available through them as an alternative to heliskiing. When in reality snowcat skiing is only a nearby activity not included or even provided by them. Only one other heli skiing operator we know of in Alaska owns and operates a cat at all. That operator also sells cat skiing and charges extra to use the cat on down days for heli skiers at their operation with advanced payment or on a space available basis that day.

VHC is the only heliski operation that provides snowcats (we own 6) as a direct alternative to heliskiing each day, for each of its clients, everyday of their stay.  When you book an all inclusive heliski trip with VHC you have guaranteed seats in both the helicopters and snowcats and we still remain price competitive to the others who do not make this type of large investment in your heli skiing dream vacation. Find this only at Valdez Heli-Camps in Alaska!