Do Heli Skiing Companies have hidden charges?

Well yes, many Heli Skiing Operators have additional charges to go heli skiing. So when you are comparing services based on price, make sure you have all the facts!

The biggest one is fuel! Yes there are fuel surcharges at many operations, adding around $250/week to your costs. Some are "tax extra". Others charge you for safety gear, like avalanche, beacons, probes, shovels and a backpack to carry all your items in. This can all can add up to extra money when you look at the "bottom line" of your heli skiing holiday.

With Valdez Heli-Camps, our prices include everything you need for a ski day with us except for skis or snowboard rental and apres heli ski alcoholic beverages.

Questions to Ask about "Extra Charges" for Heli Skiing:

Is there tax associated with your trips?

What gear is required that I have to pay for?

Do you have a Fuel Surcharge?

Are there any other additional charges I should know about that may be asked of me with the trip I am considering?