Is tipping (gratuity) expected?

Tipping for your heli skiing adventure is an optional and personal decision on your part, based on your overall experience.

A heli guide is rewarded by the opportunity to show you a beautiful area and to share your vacation with you, and our support staff that fly, cook, serve and transport you are pleased to help make you comfortable when you are not out heli skiing.

However, a financial gesture of appreciation will be well received! The industry standard is 10-20% of your total trip cost, or about $35-$100 per day. It is appropriate to pass this daily to the guide that has supported you, or if you would like, to direct it toward the trip leader who is responsible for distribution (many provide a note to assist with whom they would like to tip).

Management does its best to stay away from this process, so cash is certainly best. You are welcome to ask for some envelopes to use as part of the distribution process. If you would like to arrange a different payment method, it is best to discuss it with your heli guide, your VHC Host, or your own trip leader.