Will you arrange for photos or video of my heli skiing adventure?

Can I hire a professional ski photo or video service?

With our heli skiing packages, and due to the nature of the activity, we have found providing a photo shoot is not conducive to providing a high quality experience to those heli skiers and snowboarders not participating in the shoot. 

Therefore, we do not make available a photo service add on to a semi-private/all-inclusive heli ski trip. We will tell you that most folks heli skiing have remarkable fortune passing their equipment to the others in their group (and their guide when available) and come away with some great photo shots and video. Be sure to discuss your desires with your guide, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Our lodge has high speed internet access, so you can send clips home to your (jealous) friends who couldn't make it. Many folks bring their laptops/cameras to dinner so we can watch and share the day's heli skiing Adventure!

If a photo service is very important to you we do have individual professional heli ski photographers available however a private heliski charter is required to engage this service.  If you are not prepared to engage a heli skiing private helicopter charter for the entirety of your stay you may look into the heli ski film crew charter as budget alternative  to the full private helicopter charter option for your heli ski photo shoot desires.