What trip should I choose (How long should I plan to come)?

No matter how long you choose to stay for your Valdez Heli Skiing Adventure, you will feel it's not long enough!

Coming to Valdez for heli skiing or snow cat skiing is a big trip no matter where you are coming from! You will probably be happiest coming for the longest trip your time/money can afford.

By far, our most popular trips overall are the 4-day / 4-night all-inclusive heli skiing package and the 6-day / 7-night heli ski package (the 4-day heliskiing being the most popular for our "lower 48" clients - international guests tend to stay longer and almost always book a private helicopter or the 6-day or a combination trip to extend for a longer stay), about 90% of our first time Heli Skiing clients book these packages as they offer the greatest value and convenience of all the trips we offer.  

Our most avid clients often rebook their favorite heli skiing or snow cat skiing package type for the following season while they are here to ensure availability and the best price for the coming season.

Heli Skiing, Cat Skiing, and Ski Touring are all available at VHC

Our 3-day / 3-night heli skiing or snow cat packages are a great balance for price vs. time:

Many clients that would like to come to heli ski or cat ski with us may not be able to block all of the time required to travel + the skiing time to put the 6-day, or even the 4-day, into their busy schedule.  We have found some veteran heli skiing clients will book multiple 3-day trips throughout the heli ski season to get their "fix" in as time allows. 

If the 3-day trip is the only one that will fit into your groups needs that's okay, however we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you choose AT LEAST the 4-day trip!