Flying (Commerical)

This is by far the most popular and convenient method to get you to the heli skiing in Valdez.  The nearest Airport is the Valdez Airport, (VDZ) but you'll need to get to Anchorage first!

There are five major commercial airlines that provide year-round service to Anchorage (Alaska Airlines, Delta, Northwest, Continental, and United). 

New for the 2011 season:

Valdez Heli-Camps can book your flight from Anchorage to Valdez at a competitive rate thanks to our new partnership with Grant Aviation. Contact us now about booking this last leg of your flight here. (We'll have a web page that will let you do this soon.)

Before Grant offered service, Era Aviation was the only scheduled airline in and out of Valdez, Alaska and still makes the 30 minute trip two or three times a day, each way, between Anchorage and Valdez.  Era is an Alaska Airlines partner and you should be able to schedule flights through most of the major carriers.

Once you arrive, we will meet your flight with one of our private VHC airport shuttles and deliver you to our lodge just five minutes away.  You can find information on the commuter airline flights to Valdez at:; or call them at (800) 866 - 8394 or (907) 266 - 8394.