How Do I Get To Valdez?

Valdez is located at sea level, nestled against the Chugach Mountains as the northeast port of Prince William Sound.  It is only 122 air miles or 305 highway miles east of Anchorage. 

The Port of Valdez was named in 1790 by Senor Fidalgo for the Spanish naval officer Antonio Valdez y Basan. The excellent ice-free port, allowed Valdez to develop in 1898 as a debarkation point for men seeking a route to the Klondike gold fields. Valdez soon became the supply center of its own gold mining region, and incorporated as a City in 1901. Tsunamis generated by the 1964 earthquake, one of the largest on record, destroyed the original City, killing several residents. The community was rebuilt in a more sheltered location nearby. During the 1970's, construction of the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline terminal and other cargo transportation facilities brought rapid growth to Valdez.

In the early 1990's Valdez was sought out by a new pioneering spirit that of the burgeoning existence of the big mountain ski mountaineer.  The World Extreme Skiing Competition was born in 1991 and soon the World would know all about Valdez and the incredible helicopter accessed peaks that surrounded it. The Daunting peaks that once awed the miners seeking Alaska Gold now awe skiers from all over the World. Valdez Heli-Camps is proud to serve these extremist and adventures of a new generation! Valdez heli skiing has become known as a snow rider's Nirvana. When you think about this trip, and are planning your way through the details and on to Alaska, just remember as Warren Miller says:

"If you don't Heli Ski in Alaska this year, you'll just be one year older when you do!"

Often flight schedules may dictate a layover, but don't despair!  A layover in Anchorage can be fun. (See Layover Information for information about Anchorage options).

Essentially there are four alternatives to get to Valdez, listed in order of popularity:

And, since so many of you ask:  There is no rail (train) service to Valdez!