Will you arrange for a roommate?

What's the best way to find a roommate for my heli skiing trip?

Occasionally we have heli skiing guests looking for a roommate. This does not happen often however, if another guest sharing the same time period is looking for a roommate, we will alert them to your position.

Alternatively, if you book a double occupancy trip to secure your heli ski seat with the hope of finding a heli skiing friend to come along and are not able to find a roommate before your reservation is completed, we will refund the difference between the single and double occupancy rates back to you and place you in the single room option.

A great place to look for a roommate is on our VHC Community Page. Here you may be able to find a heli ski roommate or help round out your heli skiing or snowcat skiing group! Let us know if you would like to join our community and we will tell you how to participate in our heli ski community heliskiing forum and media sharing area