When should I arrive in Valdez?

If you have booked one of our All-inclusive Packages, your trip is designed for you to arrive the afternoon of the first day, with your first activity with us being dinner that first evening.

Therefore, you should plan for your travel to Alaska to have you arrive by 7:00 pm in Valdez.  2 Day/2 Night, 3 Day/3 Night & 4 Day/4 Night Heli Skiing and Snowcat Skiing Packages are designed for you to depart your last day after skiing.

You can be assured that your day will not be cut short.  You will check out of your room the morning of your departure and we will store your bags.  After your day helicopter or snowcat skiing, you will be transported directly to the Valdez Airport from Base Camp (about a 15 minute ride).

Getting picked up at the Valdez Airport ca 1999

If you are arranging for commercial air transportation out of the Valdez Airport, you should book the last flight of the day (approximately 6:pm) Occasionally we are able to treat you like a Rock Star and land you right at the Airport with the Heli!

If you are coming on our Premier 6 day/7 night All-Inclusive Heli Skiing or Cat Skiing Packages, the package includes a special "Free" night to stay over Saturday night if you wish not to travel after your last heli ski day. Between flight itineraries and work schedules, many of you coming to Valdez for a full week of skiing still find that you need to depart after heli skiing or cat skiing Saturday evening.  This is easy, and we handle it just like the shorter packages as described above. If you choose to spend the night you may choose to depart any time on Sunday and we will be happy to accommodate your Valdez airport transfer as needed.

If you have purchased a Punchcard or a Single Day of Heli Skiing (or Cat Skiing) , you will need to make your way to Base Camp for manifesting and a safety briefing by 8:30 the morning of your trip!