Will you take me to "The Steeps"?

Accessing the most aggressive heli skiing terrain in the world... What you need to know

This is a question we get from many a hard core steep and deep heli ski addict when booking a trip: Will you take me to heli ski on the most gnarly, steep, challenging and famous heli skiing terrain in the world? Now, no matter what the operator may tell you...

The real answer is:  It depends.  We are always most interested in heli skiing or heliboarding the most exciting terrain possible however, it is good to be realistic about what is takes to make this happen for a newcomer to Valdez.

There are many factors in choosing to access particular heli ski terrain at particular times. Weather conditions and snow stability and condition are the first factors. If we can't fly there we can't heli ski there, precarious landing zones are often the access points to this terrain. We must have very favorable flight conditions to safely land the helicopter in many of these places. This safety concern is always at the discretion of the pilot-in-command.

Surprisingly, accessing the heli ski terrain and finding favorable conditions is not the most difficult issue when bringing new clients to the famous Valdez heli ski steeps. The most difficult factor is skier ability and fitness within the group dynamic.

To heli ski on the most challenging heli ski terrain, you really do need to be an expert heli skier or rider, as does the other three members of your group. 

Although we attract a very high level of heli skiing client we can not ensure this factor for you as an individual asking the question can you take me to the super steeps.

We must ski and choose terrain based on the ability of the WEAKEST skier in your group. This is for every one's safety in the heli skiing group. No single run is worth turning a great heli ski day into a survival situation in the field.

We always recommend that you try to arrange to come with a group of four like-minded skiers/riders with similar desires and abilities. Since we ski in groups of this size, you and your group will best be able to discuss what you want to do with your guide, and he or she will try their best to accommodate you.

Those of you coming in smaller groups will be matched according to ability and desire in the best manner we can. We will make changes to always have the most compatible groups heliskiing and heli snowboarding together to create an atmosphere of maximum enjoyment safety and of course... maximum access to the "goods"!!!