Should I Buy New Ski or Snowboard Equipment?

The best answer is: It depends.

If we haven't seen you ride, then we don't know your skill level.  Obviously, what will work for heli skiing or heli boarding for one person may not ski or ride as well for someone else. So read on here and we'll tell you what we think.

First, what equipment are you riding on now?  Is it a long fat ski (or long wide snowboard) specifically designed for powder?  If so, this will probably work for you here.  If you are already a very seasoned powder skier that rides the steeps consistently, your equipment is probably just fine for Heli Boarding or Heli skiing here in Alaska!

The trend we see here is that most skiers tend to demo our latest ski, and most riders bring their own equipment.  What we typically recommend is that if you have "all-mountain" equipment, skiing or snowboarding on what you know can't be that bad a thing and, may be a good place to start.  Your heli guide can help determine after the first day if going to something wider and longer or shorter may help you enjoy your heli skiing time even more.

We feature Atomic Skis and Snow Boards here, and we'll be happy to arrange a demo for the best fit for you! It is good if you let us know in advance that you will want to rent skis from us if you can. 

Many people also just choose not to deal with bringing a ski or snowboard bag on the airline when visiting us on a heli ski trip simply because of the extra baggage issue and knowing that we can provide the latest big mountain heli ski or heli boarding specific gear available.  Be sure to ask if you have any further questions about heli boarding equipment or heli ski gear we will do our best to help you out!