When should I come?

The best time to come Heli Skiing in Alaska is any time we are open!

VHC operates the longest heliski season in Alaska on the most famous heli ski terrain in the world.  The unique climate and topography of Valdez is what makes this possible.  Although we have great snow and conditions and could easily heliski in the earlier months of November, December, and January each season. We choose to wait patiently for the first of February and the long days of early spring to make the journey all the more satisfying to our skiing clients. There are a few traits inherent to the beginning, middle, and end of the helicopter and snowcat skiing season in Valdez and to learn more about the nuances and statistics please read on...

Our Season generally runs from the first week in February to the second week in May. If this is your first time to Heli Ski Alaska, we recommend that you consider February or early March. If this is your first trip to Alaska, we definitely recommend you come as early as possible anyway! It's the best chance you'll get to see the Northern Lights and traditionally the best snow and best runs of the season!

The clearest crisp days, the lightest driest powder of the season and the longest runs are all to be found during the earliest part of the season. As an alternative thought process for you, if you were speaking to one of our tenured guide staff members, they'd probably tell you that they liked April the best! Long, sunny days coupled with a wide choice of snow conditions (cold pow on north facing slopes and the chance to be a "superhero" on corn as each day progresses on more sun exposed Chugach Heli Ski Slopes of the more southerly and westerly aspects in the afternoon ).

The end of March and early April is when many North American ski areas close, thus we see an influx of folks from the Ski Industry come in from all over the northern reaches to get some heli and snowcat turns in with us in Alaska and enjoy there own ski vacation with VHC before the season ends. This is considered the busiest portion of our season. This is also the time we see many of the smaller Heli Ski guide services surface to perform their shortened ski seasons in our area. This time of year can be a lot of fun and transitions Valdez from a group of "Hard Core" skiers with a narrow focus of getting runs on the best steeps in the world, to a carnival atmosphere as friends old and new (and some of the best professional skiers in the world!) come to visit us in the Chugach Range of Valdez!

Later in the season is also popular for folks because of the level of difficulty involved in our most popular heli ski terrain! Many focus hard on their heli ski training and at their local ski area to get in as many runs as possible so they're on their "A" game when they come to Valdez to heli ski!