Comparative Questions

Guests of neighboring operators have stopped by our main street office on a down day and asked about our heli ski and snowcat programs.  The first question we usually get is "what are your guests doing today?"  When we say "skiing" the conversations begin...

This section of the website is a direct result of these conversations with Heli Ski Clients in our offices.

The reason we have taken the time to prepare this area of our website is to help you in your research.  We want to help you cut through information in the heli ski industry that has been shared with us through these many conversations and help you to ask the questions that are most important to you in choosing a heli ski operator that suits you best. Regardless if you choose VHC, we want you to be well informed before you make your heli ski and snowcat skiing choices. There is nothing sadder to us than listening to these stories of a dream trip's expectations not realized.

The first thing you must be aware of is that Heliskiing in Alaska is for the most part, unregulated by the State. Therefore you must be diligent in choosing an operator. Many companies come and go and change ownership and management often in Alaska, sometimes under the same names. Be sure that what is advertised is what is currently provided and what is provided meets a standard you are comfortable with. Do not assume anything.

You will find programs that offer heliskiing by the heli ski run, by the heli skiing day, by the helicopter flight hour, by stand-by rate, or by vertical feet.  You will find, heli ski trips, private heli skiing charters, heli ski memberships, heli skiing punch cards and packages.  It is many times, difficult to sort "apples to apples" unless you understand the driving forces that cause these operators to structure their heli ski and/or snow cat skiing products in these ways.

We are confident that with the right questions you will be able find the heli skiing or snowcat skiing program in Alaska that suits you best.  We also hope that through your research you find all the reasons we already know that Valdez Heli-Camps is a great choice!

Here are some questions to ask to help you gain consistent information for your own Alaska heli ski operator comparison;

Can where you take me to heli ski cause my day of heli skiing to be shorten or cost more?

How does your operation guarantee a priority seat while I am there?

How do your 3 days out of 5 or your 5 days out of 7 trips insure a seat for me on fly days?

Can and will you take me to the type of heli ski terrain I am most interested in, the steeps?

What is your policy for insuring that I can do this if I book with you?

How far is the terrain away from your base by helicopter?

How far away is your snow cat or heli base from where we stay?

Do you charge ferry fees to get to the terrain?

If I buy heliskiing by the flight hour, do you guarantee that I get to ski at all?

How do your weather day credit policies work?

Do you offer Cat Skiing as a Back up?

How am I charged for this or is it included?

Do you offer just Cat Skiing packages?

Why Not, if you have a Cat?

What other "Heli Ski Down Day" activities do you have?

How am I charged for these or are they included?

Do you have a Medical Doctor on Staff?

Do you offer options that charge differently than what you advertise?

What charges may I not be aware of from your advertising that I may encounter on my trip?

What other additional costs will I incur getting to your location once I book a trip? (local airport transport/rental cars)?

Do you have any surcharges on your products? (fuel)?

How much of my experience do you handle?

Do you provide for the accommodations or do I have to deal with restaurants, hotels and transportation or rental car companies on my trip?

How accessible is your location?

Do you have multiple means to get to and from a major airport if we get weathered in arriving or departing your location?

*Note These comparative FAQs are designed to assist you in making a decision. We have researched these comparisons heavily, and believe that what we present here is accurate at time of publication. If you find differently, please contact us with your findings to make this an even more valuable tool for future users.