Find frequently asked questions about the heli skiing experience in Valdez and the adventure of heli skiing, snowcat skiing and ski touring in Alaska and around the World!

Our Alaska Heli Skiing FAQs will assist with common questions regarding planning and choosing a heli skiing or snowcat skiing trip.

Since almost everyone conducts a significant amount of research before they choose a destination for an adventure of the magnitude of a heli skiing, or snowcat skiing adventure to Alaska, we've taken the time to post some of the most commonly considered answers to your questions on our web page titled Comparative Questions.

While there is a diverse amount of experience out there among our guests - from folks that are first time heli skiing initiates to those heli ski clients that heli ski all over the world, each of you have specific questions about the way heli skiing is sold and the way heli ski packages are provided.

These Comparative Questions are specifically designed to assist you in understanding these many different approaches in the industry and making a decision to choose a heli skiing operator and heli ski or snowcat skiing package type based on what is most important to you (and of course, choose to join us at Valdez Heli-Camps).

We have researched the industry extensively, and believe that what we present here is accurate at time the time of publication. Based on the fluid nature of competitive offerings in the heli ski market place, if your research should produce new, additional, or conflicting information, please contact us with any new information so we can continue creating an even better resource for the skiing and snowboarding public excited about experiencing a heli skiing or snow cat skiing adventure of their own!