Why Alaska Heliski?

Given the number of heliskiing operations in North America, why should you plan a trip to Alaska ? An Alaskan heliski trip will not only provide you with awesome terrain. Alaska itself possesses a rich and fascinating history

Let's flashback to 1741. Aleksei Chirikov discovered what was probably the Prince of Wales island . Between the years of 1774 and 1794, Charles III of Spain was concerned about a Russian expansion in that area. He sent out expeditions along the coast of North America . Evidence of these Spanish expeditions is found in the names of places such as Malaspina Glacier and Valdez .

The Spaniards actually had nothing to worry about until 1784, when the first Russian settlement was established at Three Saints Bay on Kodiak Island . Eventually, a failing Russian economy as well as a gradual depletion of the Alaskan fur supply caused the Russians to try to convince the United States to purchase the territory. This did not happen until 1867, when President Andrew Johnson signed the Treaty of Purchase. It was not until July 7, 1958 that Alaska was proclaimed the 49th State of the Union .

If perhaps you have no interest in history, it would be hard to resist the temptation of Alaskan traditional cuisine. While the food at most North American resorts is often unsavory or inedible, at Valdez Heli Camps, you will be treated to the freshest seafood from Alaska 's richest waters. In the daytime, you will experience new sensations as you explore the exciting sport of heliskiing in terrain made famous by the World Extreme Skiing Competition and ski film makers the world over. At dinner, your taste buds will have an adventure of their own, as you dine on the world's best halibut, salmon and crab. Discover the ultimate experience in heliskiing, cuisine and travel.

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